About JBA Architecture & Consulting


Let JBA make your vision a successful reality.

 Webster's Dictionary defines architecture as "the design of buildings."  JBA seeks to redefine that meaning.  We work in partnership with each client to achieve creative, clear, simple, concise, effective designs that match their desire; and to inspire. 

We love what we do and the people we do it for. We love coming to work everyday because at the end of the day we can feel good knowing we provided a service that exceeds our clients expectations. You will always have one of us as your sole point of contact/responsibility.

Our Commitment

 As your architect, we go above and beyond our contractual obligations to support you.

We will:

  • understand your business better than our competition.
  • deliver a product better than our competition.
  • become your advocate in the process.

Inspiration + Reason + Innovation

 So how do we describe the ideals that form the foundation of this firm? 

Inspiration is a shared experience; art is your idea fused with our talents.

Reason as a methodology; art tempered by value-based decision-making.

Innovation art; invigorated by current science and technology applications.

Your Partners

James D. Kavanagh, AIA, Managing Partner (pdf)


William (Bill) Pappalardo, Managing Partner (pdf)


Alysia Litton, Office Manager (pdf)